Date: 2017-07-13 through 2017-07-16


Time Point Game GM Food Food Helper
Thursday Evening Cracker Barrel Bill
Friday Morning Motherloading James Pancakes, eggs, bacon Anthony
Friday Afternoon <Player Name> and the Chocolate Factory Michael Brats Ezra
Friday Evening Greetings, Comrade Stalin Robb Vietnamese pork tenderloin Michael
Friday Night board games
Saturday Morning Mordekaiser Ezra Pancakes, eggs, bacon Jeff
Saturday Afternoon board games Robb Sandwiches Eric
Saturday Evening Motherload James Steak potato nachos
Sunday Morning Captain Sonar Cold cereal James
Sunday Lunch Out, en route


  • <Player Name> and the Chocolate Factory – GM: Michael – Everyone knows that Charlie Bucket took over the factory after Wonka’s golden tour. He, like Wonka, started out very open and excited and allowed people in to, but followed a similar path as Wonka, years later descending into seclusion and is now only rarely seen, even then just through glances through the closed gates of the factory.
    Now, a generation after the famed tour Charlie is doing another prize. A handful of golden tickets is out there for a famed tour. Will Bucket, like Wonka, be looking for retirement?

  • Greetings, Comrade Stalin – GM: Robb – Magnitogorsk, 1936. Comrade Stalin is coming for a visit. Can you present him with a functional 5 year plan?

  • Mordekaiser – GM: Ezra – Murder with a side sausage

  • Motherload – GM: James – In a distant galaxy a salvage spaceship finds the prize of a lifetime. Now they just need to survive long enough to bring it back home.


  • Food provided by Rapid Robb’s Really Really Really Good Eats.


  • Auction services provided by Weird Beard’s Auction Madhouse.


Bill will be at Jeff’s house by 10 AM on Thursday the 13th, for loading the truck. Heading North by 11 AM to pick up Michael. There are two extra seats for anybody who wants to go to North Bend via Seattle.

Eric has offered return service for Tacoma folk.


  • Anthony

  • Bill

  • Eric

  • Ezra

  • James

  • Jeff

  • Michael

  • Robb