Date: June 20th-23th, 2019

Lodging: (undetermined)

Schedule: (tentative)

Time Point Serenity
(room 1)
Malcolm Reynolds (GM) Food Galley Worker
Thursday Evening Cards with Jeff and Sage John
Friday Morning Scum and Villany James Larry
Friday Afternoon Jeffrey's Jingle Jangle Jeff Eric
Friday Evening Lost Boys and their Dogs Michael Anthony
Saturday Morning John's Thingie Dingy John Larry
Saturday Afternoon Everyone is John Michael Jeff
Saturday Evening Festival of New Coupling James Michael
Sunday Morning Clean Up Leftovers of whatever, plus cold cereal. All


  • Everyone is John – GM: Michael – Details closer to the event.

  • Festival of New Coupling – GM: James – A R.O.B.B.L.A.R.P style game designed by Eric.

  • Jeffrey’s Jingle Jangle – GM: Jeff – Details closer to the event.

  • John’s Thingie Dingy – GM: Jeff – Details closer to the event.

  • Lost Boys and their Dogs – GM: Michael – Lakeside is a remote town with a tightnit community. Everyone knows everyone and gossip is the most exciting news of the moment. Summer parties are the height of status, and late-adolescencent you may have a chance of getting an invite to the biggest of them, the Midsummer Bon.

  • Scum and Villany – GM: James – An all female heist game


  • Snacks & Sustenance by Sage & Stowe’s Sumptuous Subsistence Spread

Auction Production:

  • by (undetermined)

Participants: (so far…)

  • Anthony

  • Eric

  • James

  • Jeff

  • John

  • Larry

  • Michael

  • Sage

Naming Rights:

  • Anthony (unconfirmed)

Hacked the Mint:

  • Anthony and Michael


It seems that we need a new location for the 2019 season.